St Paul's Collegiate School Device Information

Information for 2020

In 2020 all students will be required to bring a device with a full keyboard. With some subjects sitting NZQA exams online already, it is important that students are using a device with a full keyboard daily to prepare them for this.

Year 9 and 10 Students will be required to bring a Chromebook. The Chromebook will be added to the School's google domain and settings and permissions will be managed by the school. This allows us to more closely monitor and manage junior student devices.

Students may continue to use their Chromebook in Year 11, however if students wish they may use a full laptop in Year 11 instead. This is to accommodate girls joining the school in year 11. We think the lower price tag of a chromebook means that a 3 year use is reasonable. By Year 12 and 13 we need students to have a full spec device for the more demanding curriculum needs of the senior school and heading to university.

Recommended Chromebook for 2020 - Year 9 and Year 10 Students

If students already have a Chromebook from a previous school, we are happy for students to continue using that device. If buying a new Chromebook, we strongly suggest buying a device from the list below. We have tested these devices and found they are much stronger and resistant to damage, and appropriately spec'ed for academic use. We do not reccomend students buying or using any of the low end sub $400 Chromebooks. These often have keyboard and screen issues. All the Chromebooks we reccomend have touch screens, which are tougher than traditional screens.

Because Chromebooks are almost exclusively used in education by schools and students, buying one in Janurary can be very frustrating, as many retailers have issues keeping them in stock at that time of the year. We advise ordering one in December.

Lenovo 300E G2 Flip 2in1 Chromebook 11.6" HD Touchscreen Intel Celeron N4000 4GB 32GB

The Lenovo 300E G2 is a very reliable device. It has a touch screen so is tougher than traditional screens, and can also run android apps. It has been designed for school use, and has been tested to survive being dropped from 75cm (School desk height). It charges using a USB c cable. It can be flipped around on its 360 hinge and used as a tablet. This is an excellent device for school use.

Cost ~$450 Buy from PBTech or Noel leeming

HP ChromeBook 11 G6 Education Chromebook, 11.6" Touchscreen

The Chromebook 11 G6 is another great option. It has a touch screen, and can run Android Apps. It's only a few dollars less than the Lenovo, but we think the Lenovo is a better laptop, but this would be a good alternative if you can't find any of the Lenovo's in stock.

Cost ~$450 Buy from PbTech

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